Mustache Surf is a project I had in mind since I decide to move to the Canary Islands to follow my passion for surf and sports and my love for the oceans and the nature.

Mustache Surf want to be a different surf school and will help you to increase your surf knowledge and skills going from surf history, understand forecast, surf safety, ocean awareness; to behave in the water, waves selection, maneuvers and much more.

Our biggest aim is to give you a unique experience, learning or improving your surfing safely, creating a good ocean connection and help you to reach your personal goals.

The private classes and the small group classes are the strength of the school, in those classes we check the level of each person and we settle the personal goal before or at the moment that the course start so we can really focus on each client needs.

Within these courses there are many activity you can choose to make your experience more complete.

Come to surf with us and learn how to surf or improve on it.
With our knowledge you will get in the right spot at the right moment.
All the surf lessons are focused on the level and the needs of the surfers, and all of them are private.

Each session has this common part:
- checking the forecast and understand why we choose a particular surf spot
- get to the spot, check it and identify:rips, way to get in and go out, dangers, and more aspects
- theoretical information and identification of the aims of each surfer
- warm up
- one hour and half of practising surfing with your coach
- stretching and review the session(video analysis available)

- Surf, taste and adventure

- Surf, bike and taste

- Surf, taste, and skate

- Mustache premium pack